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I'm not much for critique, but... I liked it.

Wardsmith responds:

Heh, I don't see why anybody would, at this point. I've grown rather disillusioned with my own early work. I'm glad you posted that, though. It's a good boost.

The way the woman swings her hips looks exactly like the cartoon for "Close but no Cigar".

I liked it. Reminded me of the Earthworm Jim cartoon series.
Pro: Good animation; it was erratic but still smooth
Great facial expressions and the transition between them

Con: The voice quality was a bit lacking; slight fuzz and echo. Basically kinda empty sounding.

Brewster responds:

Hm never actually saw Earthworm Jim, might be something worth checking out some time. Thanks, and yeah I'm still trying to strengthen the sound quality of the my cartoons.

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Princess Peach?

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Bro, if you lowered your voice you can totally nail the sexy frenchy.

I usually enjoy 8-bit tunes because their novelty, but this is something I would put on my iPod. The treble is really good. I'd really like to hear some equally good bass lines from you one day. Thank you for submitting this.

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Andersson187 responds:

Well i have lots of other 8bit tracks if you want to check them out! :) I try to put a lot of work into my songs but i mostly end up with short songs. That is something i'm going to change now though! Thanks for the review! :)

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Ex. Dee!

+ Veins look good
Beard texture

- The shading seems a bit random and the hues are really sharp. Gives it that cheap "Gonzossm" feel
His shoulders are really wimpy
The vein on the forehead is too big
The scar design doesn't look deliberate. (make the scar with less jagged angles)
Eyes are too big (if you're looking for a more realistic style)
I'm no critic, but those caught my eye. I don't know about your style of art, but for me (i like cartoony characters) detail: less is more.

Fizzento responds:

yay some explained feedback :D
The vein and scar are meant to be big and exaggerated.
My style is meant to be semi-realistic, with high contrast and shine and ill-ly proportioned
If less is more, I would submit my horrible sketches lol
Thanks for an honest review!

You are a god damn genius!

I've been going on Newgrounds for like 7 years, might as well make an account.

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